Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Summer February!

Evidently Mother Nature forgot to check the calendar date when preparing our weather this week.  The calendar says February but the weather says June! With such a warm "summer" day, Blue's puppies enjoyed a little outside recess time.
We are going on an adventure outside 
I wonder what we will do 
It looks pretty interesting 
Just look at all that green space 
I think we should see what it feels like 
Okay! I am ready to try it out! 
Hey this is pretty fun! 
I like the way it tickles my feet 
Recess just might be my favorite time of day 
I like the way the warm sunshine feels 
I like the way Mr. Yesteryear Acres belly rubs feel! 
Don't forget our back scratches too! 
Summer in February....I could get used to this!

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