Thursday, February 1, 2018

Healthily Homemade By Abigail

My older daughter Abigail has faced some serious health issues during her service in the Marine Corps. We have been on a journey of wellness for the past several years trying to get her well.  Thankfully last summer, after an unbelievably long time without any answers, we got a diagnosis. Our daughter has been suffering from extreme heavy metal toxicity, most of which has settled in her hypothalamus. It is a long long road for her brain to heal and for her to regain her health but we are all here supporting her and helping her along the way.  In her quest to rid her body of the heavy metals, we have found that organic, fresh, chemical free foods are the way to go.  Abigail has started a blog about her journey and also all the wonderful detoxifying delicious foods that are helping her heal. Abigail is an awesome chef and her recipes are SO GOOD!  For all of us who wish to be healthy - let's follow along! I am ready to start adding her recipes into our meal plans here.  To healthy eating and hopefully healing and wellness!!!!!!

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