Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Good with the Bad

We have really been getting our fair share of wet soggy rainy weather lately.  It is hard to believe it is February. It has been just one dreary muddy month.  Our cream and apricot Doodle Doggies are only cream and apricot on top....the bottom halves are "chocolate" colored within minutes of going outside. Who knew we would have half & half colored Doodles!!!  With all this rain and all this least there is good news! The water in our pond was at an extremely low level all summer long.  We have been worried about our fishies and our pond and whether the pond was going to make it.  It has been a sad pond for months and months!
Our summer water level was down over 3 feet
2 months ago 
You can see how much of the drainage pipe is still above the water line
1 Month ago - the pond was down about 19" 
Yesterday - 14.5 inches to go 
We are making progress!!!! 
This afternoon....a mere 12 inches to go and our pond will be full!!!!

Even soggy months filled with rain bring happiness!

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