Friday, February 2, 2018

Puppy Propaganda

In case you thought that it was easy to let our sweet Doodle Puppies go to their "furever" homes, let me assure you that with every litter, I am inundated with Puppy Propaganda.  Not from other families mind you....but my own!
The latest in a long line of "Can I keep this puppy" is from my own son.
This Chocolate Doodle Puppy is already spoken for
That does not prevent my son from texting me extra photos all the time
And "She is sooooooo cute" 
And, "I want to name her 'OJ'
because she is 'Olive Junior' and they LOVE each other"  
And, "She even loves cats and never ever ever wants to leave Yesteryear Acres"
Just before I hear how I should let me son keep the most favorite puppy he has ever seen ever....... 
just keep in mind that
My daughter says, "Isn't she just the cutest puppy ever???? 
Can I keep her?!!!"

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