Tuesday, April 9, 2019

I Spy

Mango's puppies are just a bunch of lovebugs!  We are so lucky to spend our days with such cutie pies!
I spy with my little eye 
A rainbow ball! 
AND Mr. Yesteryear Acres! 
AND tons of toys! 
I call dibs on the big blue bone! 
Or maybe I like the smaller one better 
I am going for the orange rock 
Got it! 
Wanna play with me? 
I wonder what other fun we can have 
I spy my sister! 
That was fun!!!! 
What do you mean, "you spy something black and white?"
Oh the kitty cat!  That was a good one! 
With so many toys 
and so much to do 
how do we choose what is the most fun??? 
Let's choose everything! 
Follow the leader! 
I spy.....
Mr. Yesteryear Acres!!!! 
He is the best! 
Time for fetch 
Which way did it go? 
I know it is here somewhere 
Let's look over here 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres do you have the ball?
Hey guys I found it!
On my way! 
It was by the bushes! 
I think I am getting tired 
Snuggle time  
Guess it is time to go in
I am ready! 
Happy Tuesday!!!!!

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