Monday, April 8, 2019

We had a Ball!

Scout's Goldendoodle puppies are having so much fun!
Always take time to smell the flowers! 
Time to explore
And we are off! 
But what should we do first? 
Any ideas? 
I found a toy! 
Let me see
Hey! It rolled away! 
I will get it 
I found more toys! 
How can I pick this up? 
I think I got it!
My turn 
This is great
Potty Break time!
All done!
Me too! 
I found a blue bone 
Come on over guys 
There are plenty of toys for us all! 
We can all share!
I am going to give you a kiss 
We are too! 
That was a good one  
Almost time to head back inside 
We better hurry 
and finish playing! 
One last romp  
Thanks for all the fun today 
Okay Guys!  We gotta go in! 
One last sniff and.... 
We had a ball!
Happy Monday!

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