Thursday, April 25, 2019

Walk the Runway

The rain can't stop our Doodle Puppies from walking the Runway!
First up is Mr. Red Lava. 
He is strutting the latest in Doodle Fashion 
Next is Pink Argyle Girl.
She is modeling the latest in a wet drippy bush accessory. 
Cherry Blossom Girl is showing off her fancy footwear. 
Camo Boy is modeling the men's line 
Butterfly Girl is demonstrating the perfect runway walk 
Blue Pawprints boy is doing a little dance on the catwalk 
Blue Lagoon Girl is showing off the best in green plant patterns
Mr. Black Pawprints knows how to work the runway 
Mr. Blue Argyle is closing the show ....
and heading right for the mud puddles! 
Hey - I didn't know that was an option! 
Me neither! 
Let's all hit the mud!
This runway show is officially over!

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