Monday, April 15, 2019

One Small Step

This week Scout's Goldendoodle puppies are learning boundaries.  Playing in the great big backyard is SO much fun but learning how to have fun in smaller spaces is an important puppy lesson. Thankfully the puppies learn quickly to have fun even if they can't run everywhere they would like. After they have a nice play session....It is free time!
Hey how do we get out of here? 
Maybe you lean over reallllllllly far 
Maybe you rest your head on the bar 
Is there a button somewhere that opens this? 
Nope. Not here. 
I can't find a button anywhere 
Maybe you can leap frog over it? 
Oh I SEE! 
You step OVER it! 

Heh Heh.  Who knew?! 
Here I go.... 
One small step  
And I am free!!!!!
Happy Monday!

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