Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Ernie McDoodle and the Tail of the Accidental Grooming

Ernie McDoodle is finally free and no longer has to wear a cone on his head! I was so relieved yesterday when I could finally take that darn thing off my sweet little puppy's head! He has been walking around like a bull in a china shop and knocking over anything and everything in his cone-headed wake. So what did I do when my double doodle baby was free? Oh I just wanted to trim a 'little' bit of his hair on his head. You know- to make sure he could see and to trim off just the icky cone mats that were left behind. Not thinking this was a big deal, I grabbed a pair of scissors and took Ernie outside after dinner last night around 8:15pm. The sun was starting to set, it was warm, and I thought, this is perfect- A little trim and then we can finish up the rest of our work and head home. So there I went... snip snip snip. He looked great- or so I thought. I took Ernie McDoodle inside and in the BRIGHT kitchen light at Yesteryear Acres, I saw that I had in fact did NOT trim his hair well. Not great at all. With my stomach turning I brought Ernie to go see my mom. Maybe I am just being over critical because of the change... NOPE. My mom goes "OH NO! WHAT HAPPENED TO ERNIE?!?!" Fully panicking now I grab my buzzers, a comb, a camping lantern, and run with Ernie back outside. The whole time I start SHAVING my poor fluffy baby I am SOBBING and telling Ernie I can fix this and he will look handsome again.
(Thanks mom for capturing my sobbing)
Apparently since I have started using buzzers my scissor skills are now seriously lacking... and I shaved and shaved and shaved Ernie McDoodle by the glow of the camping lantern until 11:56pm. Now I did not want to shave Ernie because I wasn't ready to let his cute little puppy look go... HOW DOES ONE ACCIDENTALLY GROOM THEIR DOG!?!? Apparently that is how. Even with me crying over him, Ernie was super fantastic the whole time I was grooming him. He barely moved at all and was a great listener. He licked my face a bunch which felt like he was telling me not to worry since all his fluff will indeed grow back. So without further ado...I would like to introduce to you the newly groomed and very grown up looking ERNIE McDOODLE!

Before: Ernie celebrating Earth Day on Monday

After: Ernie in the same wildflowers today

Although I may have been sad and probably overdramatic whilst cutting off all his hair, Ernie McDoodle is feeling his new do

He has been extra playful with Maverick

And has been striking all the doodle modeling poses since last night

He even is giving me his best "Don't you think I need another treat?" Face

And if anyone is wondering if Ernie's big accidental haircut made him lose a few pounds... Don't fret! Because he actually gained a whole pound since Monday's check up at the vet! Mister grown up Ernie McDoodle is weighing in at 76.0 lbs!

Here's to the next chapter in the Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle!



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