Thursday, April 4, 2019

The ARF of Being Ernest

At 7 months old, my sweet ~little~ Ernest "Ernie" McDoodle is weighing in at 73lbs. 
"I am double the doodle!!"

His new favorite activity is going to the arboretum with his best brother Maverick 

Ernie made it all the way to the big lake 

"We did it! Cheeeeese!"

"WAIT! Was that a SQUIRREL?!"

Ernie was super brave and climbed the observation tower too!

"I've never been this tall before! "I can't believe I was just walking down there!"

I was one super proud doodle mama indeed! Ernie made sure to give a big tail wagging hello to everyone we met on the path and was very enthusiastic about all the different trails we trekked. I can't wait to take him back and explore even more with my boys!

After our adventuring, Ernie and the rest of my furry clan, politely requested an evening of cuddles and snuggles. He was one pooped puppy!

It looks like I might need to get a bigger bed!!



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