Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Walk With Me Wednesday

 One of my favorite things to do is take my sweet doodles, and puppies in training, for walks. Not only do I personally enjoy the movement for myself, but I love watching how bouncy and happy the dogs are as well. Our daily walks together brings me a lot of joy. On my walk this afternoon, I wondered what your favorite walks are with your doodle!? What’s your favorite place to take your furry family member for a walk? 

Ernie McDoodle’s  favorite place is hiking in Vermont
Maverick loves walking along the beach the most
Puppies tend to like walking in places where there are lots of crunchy leaves to play with. 
And Agnes loves to go anywhere! She can’t wait for the next big adventure! All she needs is her purple ring!

Share with us your favorite walking places with your best buddy (or two… or three ;) )



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