Friday, January 7, 2022

Snow Much Fun!

It is finally looking like a Winter Wonderland here at Yesteryear Acres! So what does one do with the first snow fall of the new year? Play Snow Fetch of course!!!!
"It is time to RING in the New Year! Come on Mom!"
"Or maybe I will just steal the purple ring for myself..."
Ready! 1....2...3....
Wohoo! Good first catch Ernie McDoodle!
Uh oh! The battle of brothers...
Who will win... Strength (left) or Smarts (right)
The answer is... It's a tie!  Agnes says, "Awww come on guys! Let me have a turn!"
It's okay Agnes! You can come play with me!
"Yay! Let's pounce in the snow!" 
"And then let's eat it!! Thanks Mom, today has been SNOW much fun!"
Yes it has my sweet Agnes! I can't wait for more fun tomorrow!

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