Saturday, January 22, 2022

Can I Caturday

 Happy Caturday from Yesteryear Acres! Our Devon Rex cats love to be with us 24/7. BUT I think their favorite activity is asking us if they can have a bite of our delicious meals!
Devons can't eat pasta!
"Can we have toasted peanut butter and banana jam sandwiches?" 
"What if I HELP you make the Ramen bowls? Then can I have some?"
"Chips and Salsa?"
"I could eat that right MEOW"
"Just a bite?"
No again you silly Devons!
"Okay, then what CAN we do?"
Fill our hearts with Purrfect Devotion of course!
"We can do that no problem!"
We love you silly sweet Devon kittens!
Happy Caturday!

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