Monday, January 24, 2022

Favorite Tips and Tricks

 Happy Puppy Picture Monday! We can't wait for our new little paws to arrive. While we anxiously await a visit from the doodle stork, what are your favorite tips and tricks for training your doodles?   
I love tether training with puppies! I always have them attached to me and have them follow me all day- except for some puppy naps of course!
 I find plain Cheerios are also an excellent training tool too!
They are a tasty reward but aren't too rich or filling before puppy time meals.
My favorite trick I have ever taught my dog is "Uh-Oh! Pick it up Ernie!"
and Ernie will pick up what ever I have dropped and hand it back to me. 
As a very clumsy person usually chasing after puppies, Ernie is SO helpful!!
I just love hearing what you have trained your dogs to do. 
Share with me your favorites!

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