Friday, June 23, 2017

Call him Professor Maverick

I adopted my Maverick Doodle last November when a family who got him from Blossom's litter decided they couldn't keep him any more. He has been my constant companion and has grown by leaps and bounds since I have had him. Retraining a 2 year old dog can be quite a challenge, but I think we were both lucky to have found each other. This morning Maverick told Peaches' puppy Scarlet to just call him 'Professor Maverick' as he showed her everything I wanted her to learn.
Scarlet was having a hard time focusing on eating breakfast... I wonder why?

So Maverick poked his nose at her food and water and then went back to his own dish to show her how it is done

Maverick is also a great demonstrator of the command sit

Blossom was also excellent help today! She taught Scarlet how to wait patiently while I washed the puppy dishes

Scarlet had a big day! She was happy to go back to my house so that she could get some extra cuddle time in 

Ahhhh! What a great day of learning! Thanks Professor Maverick!



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