Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Milk and.....where are the cookies?

Sweet Pea's puppies have been doing a great job with going outside for potty breaks.  They are super good listeners!!!!
Well what are we going to do now Mr. Yesteryear Acres? 
Let's go exploring! 
Here I come! 
Running down the hill is so much fun!
Amelia!  We are coming! 
Oh my gosh! Do you see what I see?
Wait a minute.......... 
MOMMY Sweet Pea is here!!!!!
Time for a milk break! 
Snack time is the best time! 
Everyone should have an afternoon milk and cookies break!
Excuse me.....can I have a snack too? 
Did you say cookie? 
Where are the cookies?
Don't worry Sweet Pea! I have a Sweet Potato Cookie treat for you!
Everyone loves milk and cookies!

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