Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Measuring Tape? What Measuring Tape?

On our now "There is no Mr. Yesteryear Acres" list we have modified and come up with alternatives to many of the "Mr. Yesteryear Acres" jobs.  Some things simply cannot be accomplished.  Others will get done with a little ingenuity.  Today Mr. Yesteryear Acres was worried about the 48 tomato plants that were beyond ready to be planted. The other 50+ tomato plants that he had planned on getting into the garden may not happen but the 48 that he already had started, well that was going to get done today!
Alright Tomatoes....Let's do this!
This isn't how Mr. Yesteryear Acres does it....but the plants are going in! 
47 more to go 
My very favorite tomato planter 
Measuring Tape?  What measuring tape? This is the new way!
Our supervisor 
When showing this picture to my son (who is in Louisiana for the summer) he said the following:
"I am impressed........
I am genuinely impressed by how crooked those plants are!"
"Are you trying to write a message with the plants that can be seen from space?"
"Is this going to be a tomato maze?"
"I thought maybe this was a rendering of an EKG reading"
But we worked until the sun was setting! We couldn't wait to show Mr. Yesteryear Acres the pictures of all we accomplished.
Mr. Yesteryear Acres said,
"We forgot the measuring tape"
"We didn't add the proper nutrients to the soil"
"The spacing is incorrect"
We don't need a measuring tape!
It is the most beautiful squiggly tomato planting EVER!

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