Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday's Cute Puppy Faces

There is nothing better than looking at adorable Doodle Puppy faces on Mondays! Here are this Monday's Cute Puppy Faces of Yesteryear Acres
One of Clementine's Adorable Boys 
A Clementine Girl 
All 5 Clementine Girls! 

Sweet Pea's Camouflage Collar Boy 
"I am still available!" 
White English Golden Retrievers 
We are therapy doggies! 
Love these sweet puppy faces
It is hard to say goodbye! 
A big kiss for my little buddy
Sweet Pea's Cuties 
Potty training is easy! 

A perfect day!
"I just love the cool green grass" 
"That way I can POUNCE!" 
"Or be very sneaky sneaky" 
You found me! 
Happy Monday!

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