Saturday, June 17, 2017

Peaches and Grits

Peaches and Grits! And no we aren't talking about Peaches and Grits' puppies said hello to their forever families! It is always so fun to watch the puppies light up as they run around the yard with lots of kisses, belly rubs, and hugs from their new owners. There is nothing quite like the happiness found in the unconditional love of a dog. There are always lots of questions that we are happy to answer here at Yesteryear Acres as we know the importance of caring for puppies the right way. We love meeting families who are so excited to make their puppies dreams come true and care for them with all their heart. The number one ingredient for the happiest dog in the world? To love and cherish your puppy as much as it does you!! Today was full of smiles, tail wags, and puppy smooches: 
"I can't wait to grow big enough to drink out of a big bucket!"

 "Let's go see my new home!"
"I pick you to be my forever human!"
"Tail wagging devotion certified"
It is true what they say, all you need is love and a dog 🐾

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