Friday, June 2, 2017

Till the Sun Goes Down

We have been really busy here at Yesteryear Acres and Amelia has been working long hours every day. We are super grateful for her dedication and commitment to crossing off all the "To Do" list items each day! The Doodle Doggies just love her and the puppies have really been enjoying all the extra attention.  In Amelia's quest to find her special someone, she is often asked, "When do you get off work?"  Amelia's reply is always, "When the work is done."
Dear Amelia, You do not have to work late every single night.  Please go out and enjoy life! The doggies will still be here waiting with their tails wagging!
Somehow I don't think Amelia is listening....
"Keep on working till the sun goes down!"

Okay Amelia - time to go home!
Thanks for all you do!

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