Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Farley and Luc Take an Adventure

I have been training and boarding two of Blossom's sweet goldendoodle puppies. Today's weather has been so lovely that I decided to take cute little Farley and Luc with me on a walk all the way to the pond. Their leash skills are improving so much with each day, that I knew they were up for the adventure! And boy did we have a fun time!!! Farley and Luc made it up the hill like champs and they loved watching the fish jump up to get their food.

Farley and Luc tackle the hill like they were born for this adventure (Olive is here to supervise too)

Woah!!! Did you see that fish?!

Oh wait! Did you see that one?! 
After all the fish ate, it was time for some one on one training
Up first was Farley... He is doing so well with his command training!

He is even sitting on almost every command!

Farley is such a good boy! I only have Farley for a half-week and I am so impressed with everything he has absorbed so far. He is one intelligent sweet doodle dude!

Next up was Luc. He is a big love bug in a little doggie body

He is doing wonderful with his commands too! Look at him sit like a pro!

Luce de Sole you are truly a ray of sunshine!

After our big adventure to the pond and back, Farley and Luc took a very long nap after a very big day. They are in fact snuggled up in my lap as I write today's blog. I love my job so much! Thank you for letting me train and board your adorable sweet doodles!



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