Saturday, December 22, 2018

Learning to Fetch

Clementine's Labradoodle puppies LOVE to play fetch with Hickory.  He is a good teacher!
Alright puppies, today we are learning "Fetch" 
Go get the ball! 
Let's follow Hickory! 
Wow... He is FAST! 
He can run far! 
Let's follow Hickory back! 
Here we come! 
We did it!

Time for another toss 
I think we are getting the hang of it! 
We love this game!

Let's try to get the ball 
We almost got him! 
Hey look...It is Amelia! 
Here we all come! 
Time for our favorite part  
Guess what????
We know how to play fetch!
Thank you Hickory!  That was so much FUN!!!!

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