Monday, December 3, 2018

Peaches in December

Peaches little Double Doodle puppies are pint size bundles of happiness!
They may be little in size, but they are big in love!!!!!
Whoever heard of fresh Peaches in December? 
We have! 
We are Peaches Double Doodle Puppies! 
We are here to spread lots of love and 
and smiles 
with Cuddles!!!!! 
Our favorite thing is..... 
Puppy Piles 
with lots and lots 
of kisses!!!!!! 
We are really good at that aren't we? 
Everyone loves to be kissed by Peaches!
Guess we better get ready for Puppy Picture Monday 
Everybody line up! 
Here we are! 
Ready for our pictures 
Ummm Abigail....we don't think your leg is long enough for all 13 of us 
We will take the front row! 
Happy Monday!!!!!

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