Monday, December 31, 2018

Puppy Picture Mondays - Send us your Favorites!

We are taking a small break this winter and won't have puppies again until March.  What will we do with Puppy Picture Monday? We need Puppy pictures of course!!!  Please send in your favorite Doodle Doggie and Doodle Puppy Pictures so we can keep Mondays full of Puppy Picture Happiness!!!! 
Puppy Picture Monday feels like this 
Puppies for snuggling  
And cuddling 
A lap full of joy 
and a best friend by your side.  
Having a puppy means 
you will always have a smile for the day.
There is nothing better than
Puppy Love!
Share your Tail Wagging Devotion 
Please send us your pictures!
We will keep the Mondays full of Puppy Smiles!

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