Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Springtime in December

This Holiday Season, Yesteryear Acres was blessed with a bounty of fruits! Clementine's Labradoodle puppies are a bundle of love and are always happy to give warm hugs
Orange you glad we are the cutest fruits you've ever seen?
We are really GRAPEful that Clementine is our momma!
Hehehe do you think they will get how PUNny we are?

If you prefer flower arrangements, Lily's sweet goldendoodle puppies are happy to provide a little springtime to your wintery days! 
We are blossoming with unconditional love
Thistle sure cheer you up on a snowy winter evening!

What in Carnation!?! How many puns can she have!?
If life was a garden, I would pick you all!!!

Whether you prefer fruit baskets or flower arrangements, we have the perfect doodle to bring some springtime to your winter! Who doesn't love a puppy during the pawliday season!? 



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