Saturday, May 18, 2019

You Know You're a Doodle Mom When...

With the warmer weather upon us, I find myself looking in my closet and needing several new items of clothing to get me through the season. A lot of my summer clothes are ripped, extremely worn to the point of falling to pieces, or too big (can I get a woot woot for Ernie McDoodle who kept me running around extra all winter). Being the thrifty lady I am, I started looking around for prices on shorts, socks, shirts, and swimsuits. BUT DID YOU KNOW EVERYTHING IS SO EXPENSIVE!?!? I cannot spend my money on a ridiculously priced shirt. Like ummm hello?!? Can it also do all my dishes too for that price!? Why are swimsuits so costly when they come in two small pieces!? Pondering all these important questions I found myself drifting over to my favorite website... I mean I was clearly minding my own business and accidentally clicked on "deals of the day". I just don't even recall putting all these things that my doodle doggies CLEARLY need. It was when I selected 'proceed to checkout' that I realized, I have gone full blown doodle dog mom. Can I spend my money on things that I need? Nope. Can I spend probably even more money than I would have on some clothes on my doodles? Oh yes. Very much yes. So here I am 2 days later in my socks with holes in the heels... Looking at my very happy fur babies who have opened up their presents and I have no regrets!
I mean I NEEDED to get more puppy training treats for work... And I SWEAR the other stuff just jumped in my cart!

"Hahah MOM! You thought you were going to spend money not on us! You are too funny!"

"So.... can we do some sampling?"

"This one sounds pretty tasty.. Look I am laying down like such a good boy... You know you want to give me a snack"

"Yesss! It worked!!!" 

"Thanks Mom!"

"That was DELICIOUS!" 

You know you're a doodle dog mom when you can't buy the things you actually need for yourself because you want to spend all the money on things you want for your best doodle dogs



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