Thursday, May 16, 2019

Always Amelia Training at Camp Yesteryear Acres: The Tail of Millie Doodle

I have had the awesome privilege to work with Millie the goldendoodle puppy on basic puppy manners, commands, crate training, and leash work for head start training for her furever family while they are away on vacation. I mean who doesn't love camp Yesteryear Acres time!?! Millie has made awesome strides in her training. I am so super proud of her!! She is even starting to cry/whimper when she needs to go outside to go potty! Way to go little Silly Millie Mooooo! (Because you can never have too many nicknames as a puppy)
She walks on her leash like a champ
Loves to sit for cheerios
And has even made it walking around the woods and to the pond!
Millie is a girl on a mission!
A mission to bounce and bring happiness...
Everywhere she goes!
She is even excelling at 'just being' and holding "Place"! 
With all this ruff work... Millie needs to nap and recharge her puppy batteries
So we can do it all again!!!

Thank you Millie for being such a sweet and smart puppy! I am so sad our time together is almost over, but so incredibly proud of everything you have learned. You are such a good girl!



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