Friday, May 3, 2019

My Gentle Giant

Petunia's cute little Goldendoodle puppies started going to their FURever homes today. It will be a busy weekend full of tail wagging devotion to say the least! To get the puppies tired before their car rides home, we usually walk them all around outside until they are ready for a nap. However, Mother Nature had other plans, and it stormed and then rained, and then rained some more all day long. Luckily my gentle giant Ernie McDoodle was on the case! Once the puppies went potty outside, I brought them inside, dried them off, and then let the puppies play with Ernie. 
Oh boy! It's my best friend Ernie!

You make the best jungle gym!

Just have to climb this mountain... be right back!

Wasn't that fun!?

Let's do that again!

YAY! My family is here! Thanks for playing with me Ernie!

Now I will be a good boy all the way to my new home!


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