Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Nutmeg Cuties melt our hearts

Nutmeg's doodle puppies are getting cuter by the minute!  We are so in love!
Chocolate Girls 
Look at those curly cuties! 
They are so lovable 
they give great puppy kisses! 
Heart Melt
The boys 
Everyone loves chocolate and caramel! 
Chocolate Boy 
Caramel Boy 
and our Caramel Girl 
Time for gym class! 
Look at our pull-ups 
Made it! 
Hi Amelia! 
Let's all do it together 
Everybody up 
We did it!
Look how tall we are now 
This is a fun game 
Let's climb aboard 
Hold on 
Ahhhhh comfy cozy! 
Why didn't we think of this earlier? 
This makes a perfect pillow 
Let's snuggle like this all day! 

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