Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: A Swimming Adventure

It is no secret that my sweet double doodle 80 pound puppy Ernie, LOVES the water. He loves to splash along the shallows and chase his water droplets. As a mermaid at heart, this has always made me so happy. I love that Maverick and now Ernie love the water and the pond as much as I do. Today was EVEN BETTER! Ernie McDoodle took himself SWIMMING! Like full on doggie paddle swimming! He has been watching the other doodles swim around the pond and fetch their floating toys, and today he took a big leap in and swam like a big boy!
Hey Maverick! Can I come join you?
I just use my feet like this right?
AH! Here I go!!

Look Mom! I'm Swimming!!

(Sorry to all human and doodle ears who watch this video and see me squealing like the proud dog mom I am!)

My Ernie McDoodle is learning so much and growing up so fast!! I am so incredibly proud of the doodle dog he is becoming! I love my water dogs so much!!



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