Thursday, May 30, 2019

Happy Little Flowers

It is no secret that I LOVE peonies! They are my absolute favorite flower!! I love the way they smell, I love the way they bloom, and I love that they are as fluffy as doodles are! I have been stalking the peony bushes here at Yesteryear Acres for weeks and I am so excited that they are finally here!!! Naturally I had to show my favorite flower to Ernie McDoodle as he has never seen peonies before! 
Bright and early at Yesteryear Acres, and first peony check... Happy little buds
Later that afternoon... Getting closer!
Early Evening... Almost Fully in bloom!
Finally! A full bloom!!!
Look Ernie! Peonies!
"Ohh My human loves these!"
"They sure do smell good!!"
"I think these are my favorite flowers too Mom! They are such happy little flowers! Just like me!"
Happy Dogs. Happy Humans!

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