Friday, May 31, 2019

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: An Otterly Good Time

Since the wonderful day that my little Double Doodle puppy Ernie McDoodle took himself swimming for the first time, I have not been able to keep him out of the water! (Mind you- not that I am trying to keep him out of the water, I am so happy he loves it so much!) It seems as if I have a 84 pound otter on my hands! My big ole otter has a whole pond process and it goes a lot like this:
First I must test the water temperature...

Yes, It feels like a good swimming day to me!

Now... JUMP!

Bye Mom! I'm off to see my fish friends!

(Meanwhile I have walked all the way around the pond and have come back to sit on the dock and wait)

Oh boy I just love to swim!

Oh hey mom! How's it going?

Wait did you say it's time for lunch!? Does that mean it's Carrots O'Clock!? Okay I will get out now!

And every night he is otterly exhausted!

As we all know...A happy puppy is a tired puppy!

What an otterly good time!



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