Friday, July 26, 2019

Challenge Accepted

Being the crazy dog mom that I am, I of course, received another order from Now I KNOW what you are thinking, "Jeez Amelia... Seems like you sure get a lot of boxes from for your two doodles...." And you would be right. I absolutely spoil my doodles and all of the doodle doggies here at Yesteryear Acres. I have quite the stash of toys and treats at my house. I like to pack different toys and treats in my backpack each morning and surprise the doodles with what the fun of the day will be! And I know that it seems like a lot, BUT if you were to add one more doodle into the mix... I don't know, maybe a girl named Agnes, it would probably be the perfect amount of supplies (*hint hint Mom and Dad) however, I digress... SO when I got home late last night and had my wonderful doodle boys open their latest present, I saw this note on the cardboard box...
It says,"Does your pup or kitty love to sit in our box? Upload a picture to You never know, the ones that make us giggle or go aww might get a special treat ;)"

And I thought to myself... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED 

"Hello, My Name is Ernie McDoodle, and I LOVE"
"I'd like to let you know that this box might be heavy... 91.0 lbs of 'heavy' at 10 months old"
"I wonder what will come in the mail next?!"
"If I am the handsomest boy, maybe I can get more things!"
"Mom is laughing! I think that means YES!"
"Thank you Mom for ordering me more presents! And thank you for your speedy deliveries!"



and Ernie McDoodle too <3 

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