Friday, July 12, 2019

Very Important Question....

So I have this question that requires a lot of impartial people voting on. My question is, "Will I stay single forever IF I keep another dog".... Making me a single young adult with 3 dogs, 2 cats, and my own home on 2 acres that I never want to move from (*Unless someone finds another gingerbread-like house with more acreage so I can get a highland cow, 5 chickens, 2 sheep, and a llama...). Looking at all these sweet puppy faces every day has given me crazy puppy fever! I REALLY REALLY REALLY think Ernie McDoodle and Professor Maverick NEED a baby sister. I mean I am only trying to keep the numbers even in the Always Amelia Clan! Gretel and I are currently outnumbered! I am thinking I should REALLY keep a goldendoodle girl in the near future and name her Agnes. I think I really need her... I mean I would be just oh so thoughtful to have a Double Doodle, F1B Curly Goldendoodle, and a "it's so fluffy I'm going to die" Goldendoodle to show all our lovely puppy families what their new puppy will look like all grown up. Right?! Or has all the fluffy cuteness clouded my judgement and keeping another doodle will cause me to end up alone forever??? I mean having a loving husband and creating little wonderful children would be IDEAL.... BUT so would a house full of all the doodles I love and adore!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE MY BRAIN EXPLODES! 

*Also please enjoy these photos of Ernie loving on puppies that won't at all change your opinions and vote for me having allll the animals and also ideally finding someone that would marry me :)*
Nose Boops

"Nothing to see here mom... Promise"

I don't ever remember Ernie this small!? When was he ever a tiny red fluff ball??

Everyone needs siblings!

"I am the greatest leash trainer helper ever, right mom?"

"Wow I am just the best pillow"

"Hello little buckaroo" 

Now that I have persuaded you... Feel free to leave a comment on how I should absolutely have Agnes in my life...




  1. Well good for you to only want one...I currently have 3 black and white Goldendoodle puppies that have not sold and I want to keep all 3! On my 1/3 acre postage stamp! lol...I say keep her!

  2. Agnes would be one very lucky little girl!

  3. I'm 73 and have been through two husbands and quite a few other male companions, and I say keep the dog. Men are lots of fun, and some romances actually do work out (as with your parents), but a good dog is a forever companion. Keep Agnes!

  4. Also, think about this. You clearly are an animal lover, and you wouldn't want a man who didn't share your love and concern. Some wonderful guy will come along, someone who shares your compassion and skill, and the two of you will create a Living Wonderful Acreage of animal love. Take in as many dogs, cats, or other critters now while you are young and able, and worry about bringing a man in later. The right one will come.

  5. I totally agree with Unknown. Keep alllll the dogs!

  6. Human companionship and animal companionship aren't mutually exclusive. Hold out for both.


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