Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: My First Ride

Today I got to do the thing I have been DYING to do since the weather turned warm... Paddle Boarding!!
"Mom?! What are you doing?"
I'm paddle boarding silly doodles! Come out and play!
"Paddle boarding is my favorite summer activity!"
"Come on guys! Wait for me! I want to try!"
Alright Ernie McDoodle! You're up! First we must balance...
Good Boy!!! You are going to be a natural!
"Uh Mom... I KNOW you did NOT just leave without me"
"Don't worry, I'll just hop right on all by myself! For I am Professor Maverick!"
Just a very happy girl and her doodle doggies 
Trying not to fall in...
Wohoo!!! We are doing it!!!
Okay Hickory! Your turn!
I hope you are nice and relaxed as you enjoy your ride on the Yesteryear Acres Pond...
Please keep all paws and toys on the vehicle at all times
"Hickory, come on! It's our turn again!"
Summertime Fun,
Was had by all!

Huge Shout out goes to Mr. Yesteryear Acres who got the paddle board ready for me and documented Ernie's first paddle board ride and the rest of our water outing! Dad you are always our hero!!

I can't wait for more water adventures!!



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