Thursday, July 18, 2019

Wild Blackberry Adventure: Expectations VS Reality

Late yesterday evening, the rain stopped long enough for me to sneak out and pick some wild blackberries growing in the woods at Yesteryear Acres. I set out with my colander with wonderful wilderness expectations of wandering through the woods picking all the beautiful ripe berries I could find with my lovely doodle lads in tow. Now my adventure definitely started out quite wonderfully...
Look Ernie! Blackberries!
Mom! I think I found some! They sure smell delicious
Umm Mom? I don't think that's enough to make anything yet...

Slowly my expectations for my blackberry evening was shattered with reality... When for the millionth time I was STABBED almost to death by the blackberry bushes. Then when a branch of thorns was all tangled in my hair and I got stuck and pretty much left for dead as Maverick and Ernie took off on their own "doodles only" adventure without me. And the last nail in my coffin- getting eaten ALIVE by all the mosquitos that I am pretty sure exist in the whole wide world....
Uhmm!? This is NOT what I expected! - Not pictured: The welts I left all over myself from smacking the bugs off me and one very watery eye that happened right after this photo when I swung my hair so violently that my braid slapped me in the eyeball....
LUCKILY my wild blackberry adventure was not had in vain!
I came back (barely alive, but still...) with 3 cups of perfect blackberries
Which was exactly what I needed for a Blackberry Shortbread!
Mr. Yesteryear Acres LOVES fresh fruit desserts
Ready for the oven!
Thankfully Mr. Yesteryear Acres expectations of dessert were not only met, but exceeded! 
Overall my very nature filled adventure was indeed worth every second of torture. 

For my next picking attempt, I shall wear a hat and bug spray! Come on nature! I am ready for round two! (We may need another Blackberry Shortbread dessert already...Oops :P )



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