Monday, July 22, 2019

I Wonder...

Magnolia's sweet summertime Goldendoodle puppies are getting ready to go to their furever homes this weekend!
Hello! Am I just the prettiest summer flower or what?
I can't wait to meet my furever family
I wonder if they will have this good smelling grass stuff too
I just love the way it tickles my paws!
I wonder if they will have a kitty cat?
I hope they do puppy picture Mondays... I'm just the cutest!
I wonder if they will like to play tag
Or follow the leader
Maybe even Red Light Green Light!
I am the best red light stopper ever!
Aw maaaaan!
We wonder if they will have a house made out of Cheerios
MMM! That would be amazing!
I would be the bestest mannered puppy with a house fullllll of Cheerios!
I wonder if they will like step-aerobics
I am really good at that!
I just really hope they like naps too...
Mr. Yesteryear Acres, can we go inside and cuddle now?
I wonder if if my furever family will like cuddles as much as I do
I bet they do!
I will be dreaming of my furever family until this weekend
It's going to be so wonderful
Until then my sleepy little flowers... I think it is nap time.
We'll be ready to play again! Each minute getting closer to Furever Family Day!



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