Monday, July 15, 2019

Magnolia's Little Sprouts

Magnolia's sweet silky Goldendoodle puppies are really growing! Her little sprouts are getting more and more adventurous and playful each day. This morning they wanted to go for an extra long romp outside. Of course I was more than willing to play with them and take their cute little pictures!
Come on guys! Let's play!
What do you mean you put this ladder here to keep us out of your flowers?
Can we chase Mr. Yesteryear Acres instead?
Ohhh a boot brush!
Too bad I'm not wearing shoes today! Hehehe
How about I pounce your tail!?
I just love the smell of fresh summer grass
Hey Amelia! What are you doing?
You are right! You should take our pictures! We are just too cute!
Um, Excuse me Mr. Yesteryear Acres sir... I am getting sleepy. Can we go back inside now?
Sleepy little sprouts! Of course we can go back inside!

Until next recess!

Happy Puppy Picture Monday!



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