Tuesday, July 16, 2019

We've All BEAN There

Yesterday my Dad said he thought we had some green beans ready to be picked in the garden, and if we were lucky, we would have enough fresh green beans for dinner! I absolutely LOVE green beans, so the thought of fresh picked green beans on my plate was enough incentive for me to run and get a colander for picking. On my way back to the garden, my dad said I should check on the snap peas too. I thought, no worries! It's only 5pm! I will totally have time to check both the green beans and the pea pods before dinner!
The Yesteryear Acres garden is really flourishing! I am so proud of our plants!
Everything is thriving through the floods and crazy heat
Come on beets and potatoes! We are really ROOTing for you!
Turns out there was A LOT to be picked! The snap peas alone took me about an hour to collect
And here I am HALFWAY with the green beans! I had to call Mr. Yesteryear Acres for basket back up!
And if you give a gardener a bigger basket... You need to pick some peppers too...
And once we had peppers, we needed some onions
Once you have onions, you need to add some cabbage!
Crawling along the green bean patch with my bigger basket, I saw we had some tomatoes to pick too!
Several hours later..... I have a 1/2 bushel of green beans, pea pods, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and cabbage 
Although it was an extremely late dinner... it was perfectly fresh! From garden to tummy!

Because when you give a gardener a bigger basket... There are simply more yummy things to find!

I hope we've all BEAN there :)



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