Thursday, August 1, 2019

Cupcake's Dog Days of Summer

Cupcake's puppies are getting ready for their family visit day! 
They are LOVING their outdoor adventure time!
With so many things to sniff
And new friends to meet
"Hello! How are you today?"
They can't wait for their weekend fun!
"Is my family here yet to meet me?"
"I want to show them all my favorite things"
"Like this fluffy grass" 
"And playing freeze tag with my siblings"
"We just love the dog days of summer!"
"I hope they will like to go on adventures with us!"
"There will be even more exciting things to explore with my furever family!"
"That will be the best day ever"
"Then we can jump around"
"And have so much fun with our families forever and ever and ever"

We can't wait either little puppies! Family Visit Day, here we come! 



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