Saturday, August 3, 2019

When You Get Yelled At By Your Full Name

Children across the world know that when you hear your full name, it can never be a good thing. We become experts on the level of severity based on the way our name is pronounced. Drawn out First name? Probably just a minor glitch. Middle name added? You are in trouble. BUT full on FULL NAME!? You are in big big big trouble and you better start fixing whatever it is ASAP. Unfortunately, being an adult does not protect you from getting full named... This is something that I can attest to quite strongly, especially working with my parents every day, and today was no exception. I walked in the door bright and early and was hit with a full on full name by my Dad, "AMELIA *insert full name here* YOU BETTER GIVE YOUR DOGS A BATH TODAY BEFORE WE ALL DIE FROM THE SMELL".  Now I could have feigned some innocence here and acted shocked. As if I didn't know that my dogs smelled like a mixture of super stinky pond water, old stale grass, and a hint of something disgusting they found in the woods, but the truth of the matter was my dogs absolutely reeked. I had it on my list to bathe them last week, but I caught my finger in a hinge assembling the puppy play area and had to postpone until I could use my hand better. Nevertheless, today was now the day my stinky doodle doggies would be getting a bath, OR ELSE!
Now Ernie has only ever needed spot treatments- either with a little shampoo and the hose outside, or waterless shampoo and a brush- so this was his FIRST big boy full bath. As you can see he has NO idea what is about to happen, but he is just happy to be sitting in the tub with his favorite ball.
"Um Mom... I did not think this is what we were doing"
"I do not find this funny at all. Stop laughing at me and get your doggie scrubbie off my head"
Ernie will never admit it, but he started to close his eyes and slide down the tub as he relaxed into the warm water that washed away the last bit of doggie conditioner out of his hair.
"Can I have a towel please?"
"Much better"

Maverick on the other hand, absolutely knows what a bath is. This was his face when I told him he needed a bath because he was stinky...
"Uhhh Maverick isn't here right now, please come back never"
"But look Maverick! I smell so much better! and when you are done...."
"You get a cookie!"
Two fresh smelling doodle boys!

And just in time!! I wouldn't want to know what comes after getting yelled at by my full name!!

Hopefully my boys stay smelling lovely... at least for today!



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