Thursday, August 15, 2019

Olive Dog to the Rescue!

There is always something to do here at Yesteryear Acres, the work never ever stops. Luckily we have the best helper doodles around! They are always willing to lend a paw! Mrs. Yesteryear Acres needed the oil changed in her car, luckily it was Olive and Mr. Yesteryear Acres to the rescue!
"Olive Dog, reporting for duty sir!"
Hey Olive, can you hand me the wrench?
"Am I the best girl or what?!"
"Thank goodness Mr. Yesteryear Acres has me to help! What would he have done without me?!"

What a job well done!! Thank you to the whole Yesteryear Acres crew for always working hard and lending a hand, or paw, to get all our work accomplished!



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