Sunday, August 25, 2019

32 Years and 10 Days

On the 15th of August, Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I had our 32nd anniversary. I say "had" and not "celebrated" because in true Yesteryear Acres fashion, we were too busy to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Today though - TODAY is the day we are REALLY really REALLY going to celebrate!  We are going to quit working early!  We are going to take the afternoon off!  We are going to have a wonderful dinner together! No matter what, we are going to stop working by 2:00pm and CELEBRATE 32 Years and 10 days of happiness!!!
But FIRST - we need to plant flowers so Mr. Rooster has colorful company. Maybe we will quit working by 3:00pm 
Well then we need some puppy snuggle time.
Maybe we will quit working by 5:00pm 
But then we need to work on the Yesteryear Acres Longarm Studio. It is coming together but still isn't quite ready. 
Maybe we will quit working by 8:00pm
Electrical wiring issues are always so much fun. Maybe we will have leftovers for dinner around 9pm, and quit working around 10:30pm and have dessert together just in time to fall asleep by midnight.   
Happy 32 Years and 10 Days.
Every single day spent together is the real celebration. So thankful for the hardest working man I know.  Thanks for making all the Yesteryear Acres dreams come true. Hey - you never know - maybe we will quit early on 32 years and 11 days.......NAH! 

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