Friday, August 16, 2019

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: Garden Gathering

This week my sweet double doodle puppy has been the best listener! Ernie McDoodle has been listening to all his commands on the first try AND has been my shadow! At 11 months old and 92.5lbs, Ernie is giving a ton of eye contact and has been eager to learn new things! I am so incredibly proud of my furbaby :) I had so much confidence in Ernie that I let him off-leash in the garden today. Usually I can't have Mr. McDoodle off-leash in the garden because he wants to eat everything and steps on ALLLL the plants, but today Ernie was the best boy! I told him to 'leave it' and 'watch your feet' and he really did! Professor Maverick and Ernie McDoodle spent 4 hours with me in the garden gathering all our fresh veggies.
'Hmm looks like we have some cabbage to pick"
"Yup and some peppers too"
"Oh my goodness look at all those tomatoes!"
"Umm brother? You might want to come checkout the green bean situation...."
"There are a ton here to pick"
"Mom! Maverick is right! There are a ton down here too!"
"We better get to picking!"
Ernie, would you like to taste test a green bean first?
"Oh goodness Yes! I thought you'd never ask!"
"I am right here in case you miss your basket...It would be a shame if one fell out..."
"I love helping in the garden. Everything smells so wonderful"
Whew! That was a lot of green beans to pick!
Thank goodness I have Ernie McDoodle to scout out the corn patch while I pick the tomatoes
Such a pretty mix!
We can't forget the okra! (- p.s. I spy Ernie McDoodle)
2 human hands, 8 doodle paws, and 4 hours later... Ta-da!! What a beautiful bounty! 

Thank you sweet doodles for all your garden gathering help!



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