Saturday, April 17, 2021

Emergency Surgery- Rainbow Fluff Edition

 It was wayyyyy past our bedtime here at the Always Amelia Cottage when Maverick alerted me that poor Mr. Rainbow Fluff, his beloved squeaky toy, had a gigantic gaping wound in his side. White fluff could be seen extruding from the wound and Maverick's sad little doodle eyes told me that immediate emergency surgery was needed. There would be NO going to sleep without Rainbow Fluff tonight. So being the clearly AMAZING dog mom that I am, I grabbed my thread, needle, thread snips, and headed into surgery...
Quickly our night turned into one of those "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" books
"Well if you are going to fix Rainbow Fluff..."
"Can you fix my Hedgehogs too?"
Our Patient Waiting Room
With the finest Operating Room table
"How much longer... are they going to make it??"
Patients seem to be holding and the procedures are going well.  
Prognosis is good Maverick! 
Time to go to the recovery center
Recovery Room 1
Recovery Room 2
And two very happy doodles!!
Happy Y Acres Studio Saturday from the late night Always Amelia Surgery Center!



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