Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Happy Veggiversary!!

One year ago today I decided I REALLY liked eating vegetables more than I liked eating animals that could be my friends. Today is my "One Year Veggiversary"!!! I have been completely meat free for one whole year!! When I first started my vegetarian journey, I just didn't want to eat meat anymore, but what I didn't expect was how good it makes me feel! Being powered by plants not only makes me happy, it makes me feel the best I have ever felt! One year later and I am still as happy as I was when I started :) To be honest, I thought some days would be hard because my family is so food motivated and we are all wonderful chefs, but my desire to feel good for myself is so much stronger than any tantalizing aroma in the Yesteryear Acres Kitchen.  I am also so grateful for such a supportive family that never tries to pressure me to eat meat or sneak it into my food. Everyone is so thoughtful at reading labels before they offer anything to me. I have the BEST family ever!! Oh and don't forget my one very veggie enthusiastic doodle that is the cherry on top of my very veggie happy life!! Here's to more vegetarian years to come! 
From growing cauliflower in the garden for "steaks"
To quality assurance testing
Ernie McDoodle is always there to help me stay plant based
One year later and this is my very favorite time that I have worn my Team Herbivore Dinosaur T-shirt :) William definitely approves!
Happy Veggiversary to me!!

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