Saturday, April 3, 2021

Y Acres Studio - What If

 We have been super busy and it has been far too long since we have had quality time in the Y Acres Studio.  We had some big exhausting projects pop up and we are almost to the point where we have things settled. I found myself plagued by insomnia and decided I had to make something in the Y Acres Studio.  I needed to clear my head and create!
What if.....
I put these fabrics together
and sew them in a tube
and then turn the tube inside out
To create beautiful pillow cases!!!!!
and why make one pillow case
when I clearly can make more?!
Wait! What if.......
The pillow cases are altered and then turned into chair covers?!!!!!
Our chairs are so old and rather unattractive
They need something bright and cheery!
I definitely can't leave some of the chairs bare.....
So obviously ALL the chairs need new covers!
I must make more!
Now that is a happy chair!
Happy Chair Day from the Y Acres Studio!

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