Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Snow Showers and Spring Flowers

 Today has been an interesting mix of snowflakes and flower petals. At first glance, the Doodle Doggies were not quite sure what was falling from the sky- you know since it is the end of April and all.

"Uh Mom? Is this snow??"
It sure is!!!
Look! Flowers as white as snow, covered by snow!
Smells just as sweet, just a little chilly
It is so interesting to see so much green under all this snow!
Merlin was even confused... "Some of this is wet and cold, and some of this is soft and petal-y"
Poor chilly tulips! I hope you warm up soon!
"Hmmm, this snow smells extra good"
Maverick, you must be smelling the lilacs that were just starting to bloom! See?
Or maybe our lovely magnolia bushes!

It has been a blustery day of snow showers and spring flowers! 

Happy Winter Spring Wednesday!



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