Sunday, April 25, 2021

Perfect Sunday Snack

 Have you ever made a snack that was so good that it just makes your whole day so much better?? It wasn't like I was in a bad mood or anything when I set out to make some food for my very hungry stomach, but after my delicious creation, I have been on cloud nine !! I took some naan, toasted it with butter and garlic paste until it started to turn a golden brown. Then I dotted the top with pieces of Havarti cheese and let it sit in the toaster oven until they just started to melt. Once melty, I added fresh baby spinach and let that sink into the cheese. Then when the spinach just started to wilt, I pulled out my naan creation and topped everything with a balsamic glaze. I have to say, I tried to take a picture first, but it smelled sooooo good I just had to take a bite!

The Perfect Sunday Snack!!

I will be making this tasty treat again!!

Mmmm maybe really really soon!



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