Friday, July 15, 2022

Ms. Peacock's Fri-YAY

 Today's spotlight is on our Caramel Double Doodle Ms. Peacock Collar Girl! She is so excited that it is finally Fri-YAY!
Can you believe it!?
It's finally Fri-YAY!
That means no more responsibilities
And all the Cheerios I can eat!
Uhhh? What do you mean that's not how the weekend works?
You mean I still have to sit for treats on Fri-YAY!?!
Okay... but hear me out...If we run around a bunch now
and get really really tired...
Then maybe we can have a Fri-YAY night movie?
With a side of extra cuddles of course!
YES!!! I knew I loved Fri-YAY!
Or else why would Amelia have added the YAY part
This is my new favorite day!
Until a sweet family picks me as theirs,
I'll be here at Yesteryear Acres waiting for you!
Celebrating Fri-Yay, being a really good girl, and having lots of fun too!

Happy Fri-Yay!

Ms. Peacock Collar Girl

-Dutifully typed out and translated by Always Amelia-

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